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How much revenue can mobile apps developers expect? More on my blog post at http://www.loiclemeur.com/english/2010/08/how-much-can-you-really-make-developing-mobile-apps.html Tweet
Green App Machine http://tinyurl.com/appmachinesnow PLAYLIST &list=SPZtN5zWFqgW6v-N52Uixnx_R26n9tUWji In this introduction video I explain why I got into the app business and why I choose the green app machine why I made this series of videos. A [More]
How to make an android app with 2 activities. Initial Project Archive: http://adf.ly/F739j Final Project Archive: http://adf.ly/2791882/final My Website: http://adf.ly/2791882/site Tweet
Swift 1 – How to Download Xcode 6 on Mac – Make iPhone apps Save 50% on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paulsolt/31-days-make-iphone-apps-and-games-with-swift-for Learn how to download Xcode 6 from the Mac App Store or Apple’s Swift Developer Center. [More]
Ever wondered how it felt like to own an iPhone? Never bother again now you enjoy your very own DIY iPhone! Hey guys, welcome to my tech channel! My name is Mahmoud El Mossalami, you [More]
http://yupurl.com/socialmediajobs Are you looking for work from home careers in customer service? You should consider going for high paying Facebook or Twitter jobs instead. Most of these jobs don’t require any prior experience and the [More]
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In a sneak peek, during the MAX keynote presentation, Adobe demonstrated how developers can utilize Flash Professional CS5 to export applications for the iPhone, leveraging the same source code used to deliver applications across desktops [More]